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The heart of the Aminima module is its metal frame on stilts.

Nothing to measure, nothing to drill, nothing to cut and ready to assemble, this sturdy foundation-free structure assembles quickly and easily

by one or two people, with a simple key.

systeme 1.png

Each element of the Aminima system finds its precise place,

such as: Insulating the floor and roof,...

iso system.png

...the floors, The roof.

This constitutes the basis of the minimum module.

systeme 2.png

On each of the 4 faces of the module, you can compose your facades or connect another module.



The Aminima module is designed to be mounted easily and quickly.

No specialist knowledge is necessary. 

There is nothing to cut, punch, measure or calculate.

Two 17 wrenches and a cordless screwdriver are enough.

No need for electrical network connection for assembly/disassembly.

Depending on your experience, in one or two days, a minimum module is assembled.

encombrement montage.jpg

No foundations necessary,

in addition the feet are height adjustable for easy leveling. 

Each piece is calibrated so that a person can easily handle them.

A disassembled module is easily transportable by hand and

allows you to easily access unpaved areas.

A disassembled module fits into a simple 3m long van.

Average weight of a module: 1200kg


An Aminima module can be assembled and disassembled without altering itself;


Simple Aminima module


Double Aminima module

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